Welcome to the world of Hendriks preconWho are we

Steel and concrete: both of them appear to be putty in our hands. During the many decades that we have been designing, manufacturing and assembling steel formwork, we have found new solutions for increasingly complex issues. Our strength is more than the sum of our specialists. As our knowledge and capacities complement each other, we form a strong team that comes up with and realises ideas.


Architects attach increasingly stricter requirements to engineering structures during infrastructural projects. And our formwork provides adequate replies to new questions. Our formwork makes an essential contribution to concrete structures in our society, both in terms of shape and aesthetics. Many types of tunnels, quay walls, viaducts and fly-overs at home and abroad were constructed with Hendriks precon formwork.


In terms of precast moulds, our portfolio continues to rapidly expand. After concrete moulds for all types of columns, pillars and floor slabs, we continued to receive new orders: from environmental containers, stand elements and wind turbine shafts to precast homes, piling block, prison cells and student homes. Manufacturers of concrete can always rely on our problem-solving abilities and our creative ideas: we combine proven technologies with new applications and always aim to increase efficiency and user-friendliness.

Design department

Our designers have been using Solid Edge, a 3D drawing program, for many years now. It enables us to tackle virtually all problems during the preparatory stages.

Production department

Our production department is equiped with excellent machinery. Our manufacturing staff are highly trained professionals who take pride in their work.

Since 2010, the welding method used at Hendriks precon has been certified from 5 to 30 mm, up to and including steel S355 with the corresponding qualified welders under the 9606-1 standard. In addition, we employ welders who specialise and are certified in high tensile strength steel types and concrete steel in the 135 process.

Furthermore, we have been certified for the WPQR-NPR 2053 since 2014.


On site, highly trained and experienced assembly teams ensure formwork can be taken into use quickly and correctly. They complete the installation precisely and ensure your staff can start working at the agreed time. All our field welders are certified for welding process 111 (electrode) and the most common welding positions and basic electrodes.

Naturally, all our members of staff are VCA-certified.