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We like to keep you updated about new projects we undertake and about new products and services. Here, you can also find relevant information about our organisation, such as announcements for trade fairs where you can meet us.

Belgian producer Fingo offers a broad selection of reinforced and prestressed hollow core flooring. The company produces the floors in its own plants. The company was looking… Read more

Fully Automated Production Maarten Kreemers, Production Director at Fingo: ‘Production takes place on 150-metre-long guideways with an in-house developed substructure. This substructure also includes the heating elements… Read more

New development in port areas is a ‘hot’ item these days. Vessels are constantly becoming larger and Europe, from an environmental perspective, is specifically focusing on water-based… Read more

Wet Casting This ‘wet’ construction imposes special requirements on the formwork. In particular, the connection with and the seal around the underlying structure are key. Hendriks precon… Read more