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Floating concrete piers are an often-used solution for small and large marinas and harbours. In Norway, these are produced and supplied by Helgeland Marinersystems, among others. For… Read more

Moreover, the moulds lend themselves to self-compacting concrete and are accurate and quick to operate, requiring just a minimum of labour. The lowest part of the sides… Read more

Flexibility and speed are two critical success factors in the prefab industry. Whoever can quickly adjust or convert the prefab production process – and can make a… Read more

Magnetic stainless steel shell plate Ferritic stainless steel was chosen for the design, as opposed to authentic stainless steel, because it combines good corrosion resistance with magnetic… Read more

Wide slab floors can be seen in all areas of the residential and utility construction industry. That is not unusual if we remember that this type of… Read more

Step-by-step production process We spoke with Jan Rook of Orion Beton about the production process. ‘Production of the prefab slabs occurs step-by-step. The various production phases are… Read more

In the prefab supply industry for civil engineering, the retaining wall moulds from Hendriks precon are very welcome products. These maintenance-free moulds guarantee a quick and efficient… Read more

An efficient mould has been developed in close partnership and with the expertise of both Rekers and Hendriks precon. The use of the hall crane is kept… Read more